Tour at the brewery and beer tasting

Let’s have a pint or two!

Welcome to Stadin Panimo in Suvilahti area in Helsinki to learn how craft beer is made in a Finnish microbrewery.

On this visit you will have a chance to take a look inside our brewery, go learn throughly the manufacturing process of our beer and enjoy our artesan beer delicasies in our idyllic brewery

The brewery tour includes.

One hour guided tour brewery tour offers the guests a thorough look in the principles and practises of a microbrewery and to the fascinating world of artesan beers.

The visit includes the following benefits in total:

  • The one hour guided visit at Stadin Panimo
  • Getting to know the beer manufacturing.
  • Going through the ingredients of beer with your own senses.
  • Two tasting portions (2dl) of the freshest Stadin Panimo beers per participant.

Who does this tour suit?

The tour suits for all over 18 year old
visitors who are interested in beer and beer manufacturing.

Tasting after a brewery tour

After the brewery tour it is possible to take part in beer tasting.
You will pick 4, 6 or 8 diferrent beers.
In the tasting we will go through different kinds of beer and get to know our products deeper.


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Event time

9.10.2020 17:00
9.10.2020 18:00
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Event location

Stadin Panimo


Stadin Panimo

09 170 512

Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki